Testosterone deficiency can have a negative impact on your muscle mass, libido and more. Stay true to what makes you a man with TRT. You can retain what makes you a man with therapy suited to your needs. Stay true to what makes you a man with therapy targeted to your needs.
Testosterone begins decreasing naturally around the age of 30, and it will continue to decrease for the rest of your life. Testosterone therapy offers you a way to replace this lost hormone so that you can continue to feel energetic and vital.

Women will experience a number of different symptoms associated with low testosterone including mental fogginess, fatigue, low libido as well as weight gain. Physicians agree the benefits of testosterone therapy for women could involve relief from these types of symptoms. The complaint most often received by physicians is a low libido. There have been studies showing that an aging woman’s sex drive will improve significantly with effective testosterone therapy for women.

However, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is also a smart choice for men dealing with hypogonadism. In fact, this is the use for which therapy is mainly approved. Numerous studies have proven that testosterone replacement therapy can reduce erectile dysfunction, improve muscle mass, produce normal male fat distribution and hair growth across the body, improve sex drive, and promote fertility.

Of course, the main question that you may be asking yourself maybe, “Is testosterone therapy safe?” The answer to this depends on how you take the therapy, how large your dosage is, and why you have chosen this therapy. As with all hormone therapy medications, testosterone replacement therapy should only be used under the supervision of a licensed physician who has experience dealing with low T, or low testosterone levels.

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