Are several symptoms of menopause suddenly popping up on you, seemingly out of nowhere? Maybe it’s the first time you’re experiencing night sweats or pain during sex. You and your male partner have certainly noticed when the latter has happened. Needless to say, you wish everything would just go back to normal. You’ve had enough, and you want it all to stop. A certain type of therapy can help you get your body back on track. Here’s what it is and how it works.

What Is Female HRT?

What is female hormone replacement therapy? This type of therapy is solely for women, who’ve reached the stage of menopause. As you get older, your natural hormone levels begin to shift a bit. Because of this, you end up producing less grown hormone and testosterone than you did when you were still young. You and your doctor will come to a carefully formed and thought-out decision, based on your own, unique circumstances. These include:

  • Pills/Tablets
    Oral administration is quite common and involves the ingestion of a tablet at a dosage level and schedule established by your doctor.
  • Skin Patches
    Patches are positioned at various points in your skin and replaced every few days. Like gels, patches enable therapeutic amounts of estrogen and testosterone to enter your body through the skin.
  • Gels
    Gels are absorbed into your body and bloodstream through your skin.
  • Injections
    This form of therapy involves receiving shots directly into a vein resulting in immediate entry of needed hormones into your bloodstream.

With a prescription of either one, your adult hormones will begin to stabilize. As a result, you’ll consistently maintain the levels your body needs, in order to function the way it’s supposed to function. Whether you decide that HGH Therapy or Testosterone Therapy is the one for you, you can be confident in knowing that you’ll find relief from your menopausal symptoms in a way you probably didn’t think was possible.

What You Can Expect

What can you expect, once you’ve started female hormone replacement therapy? The results you notice will likely include:

  • Hot flashes occur less frequently
  • Insomnia virtually disappears
  • A decrease in anxiety symptoms
  • A decrease in depression symptoms
  • Excessive dryness of the vagina is significantly reduced
  • Weight loss occurs

Are you sick and tired of these unwelcome menopausal symptoms getting the best of you? If that’s the case, you should start considering hormone replacement therapy. Besides bodily discomfort and pain, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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